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Nothing at All


Artist: Paul Bergmann
Label: Paul Bergmann
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 May 2017

Paul Bergmann releases his new album, Nothing at All. This 10 track LP (39 min, 09 sec) features Bergmann's rather sad sounding vocals. It's strange as his voice sounds of melancholy and heartache, even when singing upbeat songs.

Like last year's (2016) Stars and Streams, Nothing at All has an almost timeless quality - in that you can't place whether this is a modern album or several decades old. Again, in places, Bergmann evokes the crooning of Cash or Dylan.

It's an entertaining album, which gets better the more times you play it. In fact, the first four or five times I listened to it I was unsure as to whether I was enjoying it or not.

Tracks like 'Bored By The Changes And Living' and 'Emma, From The Valleys Of Her Heart' are instantly accessible, but it will take a while to warm to the rest of the album. If you have the patience and are looking for something new then it's worth giving Bergmann a chance.


Nick Smithson

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