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Mount Song


Artist: Mount Song
Label: Suncave Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 05 May 2017

Swedish singer-songwriter Jacob Johansson releases his self-titled album, under the moniker, Mount Song. inspired by the likes of Loney Dear, Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Kurt Vile, the album is a gorgeous, moving mesh of hazy atmospherics, soaring Buckley-esque vocals and dense, tangled guitars that demands repeated listens. Each time discovering a different layer...

Mount Song contains 10 songs (37 min, 42 sec) and this is one album that takes a little time to warm to. On the first play through I enjoyed it, but didn't think it was an album that would last. It was only on about the third of fourth play through that I started to appreciate the band's subtle approach and keen ear for an infectious, mellow melody.

We open with 'Halo', which in the first few minutes sounds like it's going to be a bit of an annoying '70s retro track. Thankfully it shifts in style to deliver a catchy, modern track.

Other highlights include 'Guitar on Fire'; 'All Over the World'; 'My Friend' (which has a modern Scritti Politti / '70s Genesis vibe going on). They leave the best for last. 'We Have it All' is the perfect way to bow out leaving fans wanting more.


Nick Smithson

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