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Artist: Loom
Label: Silent Cult Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 May 2017

Loom is a Punk trio from home-grown Leamington Spa, comprising frontman Tarik Badwan, Matt Marsh, and Joshua Fitzgerald. They have previously put out two low-key cassette releases, the latter showcasing covers of their influences. This self-titled album is their first proper CD. It is released via Silent Cult Records, and distributed by Red Essential...

This may be Punk, but a few different styles are on show here in an attempt to mix it up and not be pigeonholed. It is closer to the American examples than the 1970s British Punk Rock, which you might expect. At lower levels the singer’s voice at times resembles Iggy Pop (which is certainly no bad thing). The best compositions are the first five tracks – even if they do contain song titles such as 'Hate', and 'Lice'! They are Grungy and have more of a hook. The idea seems to be to play guitar in the verses that is somewhat out of context with the rest of the band (even to the extent of sounding off-key), so when it’s done more conventionally in the chorus it sounds all the more "together". These first few even have singalong moments (perhaps if you’re listening in the car alone; you wouldn’t want to frighten the wildlife!).

Touches of The Ramones can be detected, but it’s probably a lot closer to The Misfits. The second half of the album is where it gets more experimental. There’s a form of psychedelia which creeps in, with a slower pace and even more weird guitar… to the extent it sounds like he’s playing a different song to the others.

So, like football, this is a game of two halves. Accordingly, my rating here reflects the better first half.


Ty Power

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