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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composers: Fil Eisler, Mark Barden, Jeff Beal, George Clinton, Chris Drake, Deborah Lurie & Robert Duncan, Dino Meneghin, Blake Neely, Mark Renk, Mikael Sandgren, and Rob Simonsen
Label: Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 19 May 2017

Lakeshore Records release the original score for Newtown. The music was mainly composed by Fil Eiser, but there are tracks included by a number of other well known composers. Filmed over the course of nearly three years, the filmmakers use access and never before heard testimonies to tell a story of the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting of schoolchildren in American history on 14 December 2012. Newtown documents a traumatized community fractured by grief and driven toward a sense of purpose. Joining the ranks of a growing club to which no one wants to belong, a cast of characters interconnect to weave an intimate story of community resilience...

Given this documentary film's subject matter, it will come as no surprise to learn that it's mainly filled with melancholic, sweet music - giving the movie the flavour you'd expect to come from a community that has been shattered and is slowly putting back the pieces.

Fil Eisler provides the majority of tracks on this score, but there are numerous other notable composers who lend their talents and make a valuable contribution. These include Mark Barden, Jeff Beal, George Clinton, Chris Drake, Deborah Lurie & Robert Duncan, Dino Meneghin, Blake Neely, Mark Renk, Mikael Sandgren, and Rob Simonsen.

The score is quite short, containing just 17 tracks (36 min, 26 sec). But what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality.

It's a bit of a slow boiler. As sweet an album as it is, it took me several play throughs to really start to warm to it. On first listen, a lot of the tracks just sound like background meditation music. It was only only repeat listens that I started to appreciate the subtle changes. 'Boxes / Skydive' and 'Skydive 2' are arguably this album's two standout tracks.

It's an enjoyable, sweet little album that's certainly worth seeking out.

Track listing:

01. Parade - Fil Eisler & Mikael Sandgren
02. Boxes / Skydive 1 - Fil Eisler
03. The World Needs To Know - Fil Eisler
04. He Needed Me In A Different Way - Chris Drake
05. Accidental Lobbyists 1 - Jeff Beal
06. Meditation - Deborah Lurie & Robert Duncan
07. Newtown Variation 1 - George Clinton & Fil Eisler
08. Nicole Writes Hugo / We’re All Victimized – Mark Renk & Fil Eisler
09. Accidental Lobbyists 2 - Fil Eisler
10. I Have Memories - Fil Eisler
11. Newtown Variation 2 - Dino Meneghin
12. Mudfest - Rob Simonsen & Fil Eisler
13. Moving On - George Clinton & Fil Eisler
14. Desolation - Blake Neely
15. Newtown Variation 3 - Dino Meneghin & Fil Eisler
16. Skydive 2- Fil Eisler
17. For DGB - Mark Barden


Darren Rea

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