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Original Television Series Soundtrack


Composer: Max Richter
Artists: Various
Label: Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
SILED1534 (CD), SILED1534 (download)
Release Date: 26 May 2017

Silva Screen Records release the soundtrack to Sky's 1970s political drama Guerrilla. The album features the score by British composer Max Richter and a choice selection of early '70s music, including reggae grooves from the Trojan catalogue and the rarely available psychedelic soul of Noir...

Set against the backdrop of one of the most explosive times in U.K. history, Guerrilla tells the story of a politically active couple whose relationship and values are tested when they liberate a political prisoner and form a radical underground cell in 1970s London. To reflect this, not only do we have an atmospheric score by Max Richter (The Leftovers), but also a number of '70s music tracks (just to immerse you in the period).

The album contains 19 tracks (1 hr, 01 min, 59 sec), 7 of these (16 min, 25 sec) are Ritcher's score, with the remaining 12 (45 min, 34 sec) being made up of various artist tracks, snippets from the show or collaboration between Ritcher and another artist.

Ritcher's music is beautifully underplayed, giving it more impact that you'd think. While the entire score may not be to everyone's taste, for fans of the miniseries, this represents an interesting souvenir.

Track list:

01. Dhari's Speech (Dialogue) - Nathaniel Martello-White
02. How Long - Noir
03. Look Around - Femi Kuti
04. Love Song 1- Max Richter
05. Jas's Radio Speech (Dialogue) - Freida Pinto
06. The System - Noir
07. Ayiko Bia - Osibisa
08. Prepared for Violence - Max Richter
09. The Gardener - Judy Mowatt
10. Jas's Radio Speech Examination (Dialogue) - Freida Pinto
11. We Got Movement - Max Richter
12. The Makings Of You (Live @ Bitter End, NYC) - Curtis Mayfield
13. Give and Take (Give A Little, Take A Little) - The Pioneers
14. Let The Power Fall On I - Max Romeo
15. Wash Away the Sins - Max Richter
16. Indian Rope Man - Noir
17. So Fucking Cool - Max Richter
18. Love Song 2 - Max Richter
19. Marcus's Radio Closing Speech (Dialogue) Babou Ceesay


Darren Rea

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