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Artist: Tinderbox Orchestra
Label: Tinderbox Project
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 June 2017

Tinderbox Orchestra, Edinburgh's premier youth music orchestra, release their debut album Tinderbox. The release marks the culmination of a seven year journey that has taken in multiple continents, hundreds of youth music workshops, and numerous critically acclaimed collaborations. Moving seamlessly from toe-tapping trad to prog, classical grace to stirring indie rock, it's a rich smorgasbord of a record, with something for everyone...

It's hard not to fall in love with this album, mainly due to the sheer diversity of the music on display. The LP contains 10 tracks (48 min, 13 sec) and pretty much dips its toe in most notable genres. It's upbeat and funky: I defy you to sit still while listening to 'More (feat. Balkans Music Camps)'; or not hum along to 'Live Free or Die (feat. Black Diamond Express)'.

The enthusiasm and raw talent of the performers comes across, but it's very clear that this is a youth orchestra as in places it can be a little rough around the edges. However, for its wide remit and raw energy, this is an album worth checking out.


Nick Smithson

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