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Music for Keyboard Instruments


Composer: Allen Brings
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 June 2017

Navona Records releases composer Allen Brings 2000 album Music for Keyboards, which was originally published by Capstone Records. The album including solo pieces for harpsichord, piano, and organ, as well as a harpsichord-led string ensemble composition that concludes the album. In addition to writing all five of the record’s works, Brings performs his solo piano track 'Sonatine' and conducts the aforementioned harpsichord and string piece, titled 'Concerto da camera No. 4'...

Music for Keyboards may be a little too experimental for some classical music fans to embrace fully. Personally this wasn't my thing, but I can appreciate the skill and ingenuity Allen Brings brings to these pieces.

It is a haunting recording and the pieces included are diverse enough to hold your attention... it just boils down to whether you can listen to, what to the uninitiated can at times sounds like kids mucking about on keyboards.

Of the 20 tracks (1 hr, 37 sec) 'Concerto da camera No. 4 - Third Movement' was the real stand out moment for me. It brought to mind Bernard Herrmann's work on Psycho.


Darren Rea

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