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Elvis Lives


Artist: Bobby Solo with the Sylvia Pagni Swing Combo
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 June 2017

The famous singer Bobby Solo, since the beginning of his career has been nominated "the Italian Elvis Presley", for his physical resemblance and especially for his vocal timbre. In the 40th anniversary of the death of "the King" Bobby Solo has been thinking of paying tribute to his idol, offering some Elvis covers with new swing arrangement, acid jazz flavour, in the new recordings produced by Sylvia Pagni and her Combo...

As tributes go they don't come more bizarre than Bobby Solo and his interpretation of Elvis Presley. To an American/English audience Solo bears no more than a passing vocal resemblance to The King. His accent makes his covers more an amusing novelty than a loving tribute. Now, there's no mistaking the fact he has a great singing voice and pure talent... but this should have been marketed a little more towards Solo pays tribute to Elvis rather than making it look like he's an Elvis impersonator (which he isn't). No doubt he can get away with it quite comfortably in Italy, but this album will be torn apart in America and the UK where Elvis tribute acts are two a penny.

In fact, I was reminded of the time I visited an infamous Chinese restaurant where the owner was renowned for dressing up and performing as The King. By the time he started to perform everyone was pretty merry on alcohol and it was a hilarious and rather sweet evening. His performance of "Rub me Tender" will stay with me for ever. Personally I think he was hamming up the accent, but it was still a wonderful performance.

'One Sided Love Affair' see's Solo sing "Robbery" with an accent that makes it sound like "Rubbery". So now we have: "Well, fair exchange bears no rubbery."

I have to say I also wasn't a huge fan of the musical arrangement. Sylvia Pagni Swing Combo at times makes the whole production seem a little cheesy.

While I understand that this is Solo's tribute to The King, I can't help feeling it could have been a little more polished. Elvis Lives, but The King just might be spinning in his grave.

Track listing:

01 - Bossa Nova Baby
02 - I' Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
03 Love Doll
04 - Fools Rush In
05 - Hot Dog
06 - Fever
07 - Beyond The Bend
08 - (Such an) Easy Question
09 - Fools Fall In Love
10 - One Sided Love Affair
11 - Don't Ask Me Why
12 - Relax
13 - FUNKBOSSA_Dj THOR feat Bobby Solo


Nick Smithson

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