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The Rise of the Synths
The Official Companion Album (EP 2)


Composers: Various artists
Label: Lakeshore Records
Release Date: 16 June 2017

Lakeshore Records releases the second of two official companion EPs for the documentary The Rise of the Synths, a documentary film project exploring the synthwave music scene. The filmmakers interview both new artists and classic composers who helped to create the genre. EP 2 features tracks from Gunship, Power Glove, Com Truise, Robert Parker, Waveshaper and Code Elektro...

I suppose there's a good reason why the tracks were released over two EPs rather than one album... I can't see the idea behind it myself, but I'm sure the producers had their motives.

This EP contains 7 tracks (32 min, 48 sec). I didn't find this as memorable or interesting as the first EP. It could be that the novelty factor has already worn off, or it may be that these tracks aren't quite as strong.

Fans of synth pop will get a kick out if it, though.

Track listing:

01 - Chrome Canyon: 'Deckard Returns'
02 - Gunship: 'The Vale Of Shadows'
03 - Power Glove: 'Fatal Affair'
04 - Com Truise: 'Idle Withdrawl'
05 - Robert Parker: 'Silver Shadow'
06 - Waveshaper: 'A Mission To Remember'
07 - Code Elektro: 'Black Rain'


Darren Rea

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