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Everything is Fine (EP)


Artist: Benbo
Label: Pink Lizard Music
Release Date: 30 June 2017

Benbo releases his new 9-track EP Everything is Fine – a meticulously crafted 20-minute alt-pop journey through space-fuelled plans to escape personal and global disaster. It features collaborations with Kat Five (of Louder Than War's 2017 #onestowatch Feral Five), writer A.K. Benedict (Doctor Who) and audio collector Gr3n (Cathay Tapes); plus production/mix by Marta Salogni (Frank Ocean/MIA) and mastering by Grammy-winner Mandy Parnell (Björk) and Bob Macciochi (DJ Shadow)...

Everything is Fine is a fun, upbeat EP which never takes itself too seriously. The release contains 9 tracks (20 min, 36 sec). It's a shame that a full album wasn't put together, as the tracks here work really well and I could have listened to much more in a similar vein.

It starts off with 'Gravity Pulls me Down', one of this album's finest songs. 'F This' is more of a Punky track. 'Temper - with Kat Five' is more of a trippy number. 'Dream' is a laid back, mellow track, while 'Black Hole – BAGZY BANGZY Remix' is an upbeat electronic track. We close with a tongue in cheek robotic voice that appears to be reading a letter from a washing machine manufacturer explaining why they are not going to replace a faulty drum from one of their machines.

It's bright, it's fun and it's certain to raise a smile.


Nick Smithson