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Hot Gun Western City


Artist: Human Potential
Label: What Delicate Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 21 July 2017

Reading the press notes for Human Potential's Hot Gun Western City, it would appear that this album came about because Andrew Becker - former drummer of Dischord band Medications and Brooklyn experimental rock band Screens - came up with the name of the album, tried to write music that capture the idea he had in his head, failed to do so, and so instead used music cues for a documentary he's composed the score for and used those segments to give birth to his solo project.

I really didn't get this album. After over a month of listening to it, I'm still no closer to understanding it or deciding whether I enjoyed it or not.

Technically interesting, musically dull, Hot Gun Western City just ambles along without doing anything to excite or engage the listener. The LP contains 9 songs (47 min, 49 sec) of varying quality, but while I did find it is a passing curiosity, I don't think your music collection will suffer if you don't include it.


Nick Smithson

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