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Trials & Tribulations


Artist: Martin Simpson:
Label: Topic Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 September 2017

World renowned guitarist, singer and songwriter Martin Simpson releases his 20th solo album in 40 years, Trails & Tribulations, via Topic Records. This is his first solo work since 2013’s Vagrant Stanzas and represents a collection of songs about nature, about travels and about real life stories. There are traditional songs, poems and contemporary songs by great writers...

Fans of Martin Simpson, and Folk enthusiasts in general, won't need any recommendation to buy his new album - you'll probably have had it on pre-order for months.

It's obvious, right from the opening track, that Simpson is a master at effortlessly trotting out hypnotic Folk music that not only sounds timeless, but also like old classics you already know - which of course you couldn't possibly.

It's this ability to make the new feel lived in and familiar that makes Simpson an entertaining listen. And his performances here have all the hallmarks of old, comfortable songs that he's played a million times before... again, which of course he couldn't possibly have.

The album contains 13 songs (52 min, 36 sec). While I'm not a huge lover of the genre, fans of Simpson's work will love this, as will Folk enthusiasts.


Nick Smithson

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