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Artist: Soft Fangs
Label: Disposable America
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 September 2017

Soft Fangs is the musical project of Brooklyn singer-songwriter John Lutkevich, who is influenced by the likes of Sparkle Horse, The Beach Boys, Pavement and Leonard Cohen. His new album, Fractures, is released via Disposable America and plays with abstract ideas of isolation...

Soft Fangs new album, Fractures, consists of 11 (35 min, 36 sec) very different songs. The LP kicks off with the haunting, indie rock sound of 'Elephant Girl', with Lutkevich at his raspy finest. This is followed by 'Honey Colony', a memorable, slow plodding offering. 'Cartoons' opens with what appears to be a homage to the '60s camp Batman TV series.

This is an album that is actually released at the perfect time. As the summer sun (what little we had of it) gives was to the autumnal leaf fall, Soft Fang's music ambles on towards the winter months.

It's a melancholic sound, which is surprisingly uplifting. This is one to play while the world is throwing its usual pile of crap at you, safe in the knowledge that you're not alone. Lutkevich feels your pain and has created a soundtrack just for you.

Wonderful stuff.


Nick Smithson

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