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Modern Addiction


Artist: Tender
Label: Partisan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 September 2017

London duo Tender release their debut album Modern Addiction. From orgasm, to break-up, to silence, the record breaths closure to a relationship that has intensified, shattered, and healed. It is young, cold, urban, lonely, and an intrinsically modern look at the irrepressible desire to maintain a love, be it destined or doomed. James Cullen and Dan Cobb explore the phenomenon of comfort and compulsion that is addiction, via a pop record about a relationship...

If you ignore, for a moment, the inspiration behind Modern Addiction, this is quite an upbeat album which contains some memorable songs. To be honest, while it's interesting to know the background to what fuelled the tracks (an old, toxic relationship that Cullen was engaged in) it's not overly important, nor should it change the way you enjoy the music.

The album includes 12 songs (44 min, 15 sec), but feels like so much longer. Personal favourite tracks include 'Crawl'; the catchy 'Erode'; and the chilled out 'Trouble'.


Nick Smithson

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