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Smoke & Mirrors


Artist: Jess and the Bandits
Label: Absolute Marketing
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 September 2017

Jess and the Bandits’s new album Smoke & Mirrors is an instantly accessible Country album with a foot firmly planted in both the Rock and Pop genres. The follow up to 2015's Here We Go Again, Smoke & Mirrors sees the band continue to hone their talents as performers.

It's hard not to like this album, the tracks are diverse and strong enough to keep you attention. The release contains 14 songs (44 min, 02 sec) and this is one of those LPs where your favourite track will shift and change along with your moods.

There isn't a bad song here, to be honest, and the production values on the album give it a meatier sound. If you enjoyed their first album then this is just as much fun.


Nick Smithson

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