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Artist: Andrew Weatherall
Label: Hoga Nord Rekords
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 September 2017

Andrew Weatherall releases his new LP, Qualia, through Hoga Nord Rekords. Those that have been following his output over the years will looking forward to see what his latest influences have conspired to create... and to be honest it's not half bad.

I fondly remember Orbital's output in the '90s, and I found a similar style running through Weatherall's Qualia. There's a lazy, almost effortless thread running throughout. It's hypnotic and engaging... It's really hard not to enjoy it.

The album contains 8 tracks (55 min, 57 sec) and there's a diversity here that's hard not to applaud. And, paradoxically, there's a common theme running through the album that makes it an engaging and enjoyable a listen.

My only small complaint is that it feels, rather sadly, about 20 years out of date.


Nick Smithson

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