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Artist: Cassels
Label: Big Scary Monsters
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 October 2017

Oxfordshire two-piece Cassels release their new album, Epithet, via Big Scary Monsters. Front man and guitarist Jim Beck writes lyrics that double as reflective poetry - taking on topics as diverse as physical abuse to the desperate inequality of modern Britain.

It's an interesting album, part angry reaction to the chaotic world we live in and part modern punk rock. The album contains 9 tracks (33 min, 41 sec) but there's little new here you haven't heard before.

The overall experience feels a little too dry, with the overall focus being on getting angry with everything. And it's all taken a little too seriously. It's a shame because at the core of this release is the heart of a poet... if only Beck could deliver the odd musing on subjects that didn't make him apeear to rage so much.


Nick Smithson

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