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Kev Beadle Presents Private Collection
Vol. 3
More Independent Jazz Sounds From The '70s & '80s


Artists: Various
Label: BBE
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 October 2017

DJ, compiler and incurable vinyl junkie, Kev Beadle returns to BBE with a third volume of his much lauded Private Collection album series. Taking in a wide range of obscure jazz with a distinct nod to the dance-foor, once again we are presented with a wealth of ultrarare sounds previously only available to record collectors with very deep pockets, Vol.3 sees Kev inviting us to travel even deeper into the vinyl vaults...

Quite a lot has happened in the three years since Private Collection Vol.2 was released, and it looks like Vol. 3 could be Beadle's last, as he recently announced he was retiring from the music scene..

The latest volume of Private Collection contains its fair share of frenetic, syncopated musical workouts to test the stamina of even the most dedicated dancers, but the album also provides some moments of calm, some smooth Latin grooves like Louis Hayes version of the Freddie Hubbard classic ‘Little Sunfower’ as well as very rare, sought after recordings by Belair, Lee Willhite and the Webster Lewis that have changed hands for big money in recent times amongst the collectors. Whether you are a record collector or a jazz club regular, this compilation represents a chance to finally own more than a few ‘holy grail’ tunes without breaking the bank and a chance to relive those special moments on the dance-foor.

For the rest of us, this is simply a glorious concoction of '70s and '80s jazz, rescued from relative obscurity, painstakingly assembled and presented with a great deal of love.

Personally, I'm hoping that his retirement is temporary and he'll be back soon to bring us a fourth volume in the collection.

Track listing:

01 - Roy Haynes – Quiet Fire
02 - John Thomas & Lifeforce – Maryke
03 - Banda Metalurgia - Lá Em Guayaquil
04 - Belair – Samba For A Cold Warrior
05 - Francisco Mora Catlett – Samba De Amor
06 - Louis Hayes Group ft Leon Thomas – Little Sunfower
07 - Lee Willhite – The World Is A Ghetto
08 - Clarice Labbe & Charlie Hampton – No Other Love But You
09 - Ronald Snijders – Latinetta
10 - Finn Savery Trio – Misturada
11 - Ira Sullivan – The Kingdom Within You
12 - Webster Lewis – Do You Believe (Alternative version)

Vinyl bonus tracks:
13 - Don Rader – Don’t Touch
14 - John Lee & Gerry Brown – Infnite Jones


Nick Smithson

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