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Eventual Reality


Artist: The James L'Estraunge Orchestra
Label: BBE
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 October 2017

Born in a remote log cabin deep in the Scottish Highlands, Eventual Reality, the debut album from The James L’Estraunge Orchestra melds jazz and electronic music sensibilities with a huge helping of heart and soul...

The James L'Estraunge Orchestra's debut album, Eventual Reality, is a jazz album for people who usually shy away from the genre. It's a modern, laid back electronic based album that offers quite a diverse range of styles over the course of its 8 tracks (51 min, 04 sec). The press information we received indicated that there are actually 11 tracks if you pick up the CD or digital edition.

We're eased into their sounds, with the slow building opener 'Eventual Reality', which acts as a wonderful introduction. You'd have to be set in your ways to not find something to enjoy in this track alone. And that pretty much sets the standard for the rest of the album. There's plenty here to sink your teeth into. Some of it you might like, some of it you might not.

It's the perfect album to put on in the background while you chill in a lazy evening or as mood music for a romantic night in. It's an LP that grows on you the more times you listen to it. It perfectly balances lounge with jazz and electronic pop.


Nick Smithson

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