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Sun Bridge


Artist: My Sad Captains
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 October 2017

London band My Sad Captains release their new album, Sun Bridge, through Bella Union. The album is named after the way a still lake offers the ideal conditions for the sun’s reflection to resemble a bridge across the water. Between its dream-pop surfaces and hidden depths, it’s an album that reflects on how uncertain times can be the seed-bed for change...

Sun Bridge is an album you're going to instantly like... or not. It's not one, as far as I could see that will slowly grow on you if you don't like it on the first play through.

Personally, I found it a little too shallow and a little too bland. It washes over you, which is fine, but leaves no real lasting impression. In fact, listening to this several times, I was suddenly aware of the fact that I wasn't listening to anything, that the album had finished, but I had no idea how long ago it had stopped playing.

There are moments where there's a promise of something truly impressive. 'Curtain Calls' is a rather enjoyable, and memorable track, which is followed by 'New Sun', another track of note.

While it's not an album I'd normally listen to, if you're a fan of the band you may enjoy the new direction they're headed in.


Nick Smithson

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