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I < 3 Art


Artist: Broen
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 October 2017

Norwegian band Broen release their new album, I < 3 Art, through Bella Union. Bursting with experi-pop exuberance and driven by a spirit of warm commonality, the five-piece’s debut album exults in the pleasures of intelligent music; its deep rhythms, dreamy melodies and dazzling sounds building bridges between bustles of jazzy percussion, psychedelic flourishes, funk grooves, mellifluous electronics and hip-hop beats...

Here's something a little different. If upbeat experimental pop is your thing then there's plenty to enjoy with Broen's I < 3 Art. The album contains 8 songs (33 min, 04 sec) and depending on your musical taste, will either get more enjoyable or annoying each time you play it.

Personally I did enjoy it, although I think it's got a short life span. It's the sort of album you can play to death for a few weeks (months, at a push) and then never listen to again.


Nick Smithson

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