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Composer: Nascuy Linares
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 October 2017

Nascuy Linares (Embrace of the Serpent) releases his new album, Harmonizable, a collection of themes and music for movies, independent projects and experimental pieces. Over the course of this album's 16 tracks (33 min, 45 sec) we are shown the numerous aspects to the composer's talents. In many ways this is comparable to a show reel of Linares's highlights to date.

If I had to pick one track it would have to be 'Final', the hauntingly beautiful theme from Cine Atomo’s second long feature film Samuel. Directed by Cesar Lucena in 2008. Cine Atomo’s is a movement about making film with minimum resources, only supported by friendship and goodwill.

This is an interesting collection of diverse styles that will have at least a couple of tracks that you'll want to add to your "favourites" playlist.

Track listing:

01 - Fado – A minimal expression of a Portuguese Fado, played with two American folk instruments.
02 - Himalaya - Theme for the second season of the TV Series Children on the Summit
03 - Minimal Venezolano - An electronic experimentation with Venezuelan rhythms.
04 - Rito - Shamanic sounds from South-America
05 - Busqueda - A soundtrack for an un-filmed road-movie.
06 - 08 - Samuel; Alma; Final - Main themes for Cesar Lucena's feature film Samuel
09 - Arpon - The final theme for the Argentinean movie Arpon
10 - Magia - Main theme for the documentary Harvesting Water
11 - Pianisimo - An ethereal electroacoustic experimentation. An attempt to make a flow with the piano and electronic instruments.
12 - Folktronico - A piece which started as a lullaby and developed into a song without lyrics.
13 - Infante - Also part of the “Folktronico” style. A kind of minimal electroacoustic music, where the “cuatro” instrument leads the harmony.
14 - Cancion De Cuna - A harmonized lullaby that evolves into an instrumental sarabande with an electroacoustic arrangement.
15 - Hombre - A melodic theme for birds and virtual instruments.
16 - Etina - Main theme for the experimental video Poex.


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