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Wild Geese II
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)


Composer: Roy Budd
Performed by: London Symphony Orchestra
Label: Caldera Records
Release Date: 23 October 2017

Caldera Records present Roy Budd's original score for the 1985 motion picture Wild Geese II. The story revolves around top level Nazi Rudolph Hess who has important intel on prominent political figures. Ruthless TV executives Michael and Kathy Lukas want to get him out of his Spandau prison to appear on live television. Faulkner declines their offer to lead such a mission, but recommends Lebanese American soldier turned mercenary Haddad as a substitute who agrees to take on the mission that soon turns into a nightmare for everyone involved...

Roy Budd's (Get Carter) score for Wild Geese 2 contains 11 tracks (39 min, 44 sec) with a bonus track (5 min, 13 sec) of a new interview from Budd's wife, Sylvia, on her memories of the score and her husband's time working on it.

The album contains a nice mix of styles, from the memorable action themes to the romantic sounds of tracks like 'The Romance Begins'. It also includes the song 'Say You'll Be Mine', sung by Peter Hoffmann and dedicated to Budd's wife who served as co-producer of this album.

It was interesting to discover that elements of tracks like 'Cat And Mouse In Berlin' sounded similar in style to Alan Silvestri's score for Back to the Future (released the same year). It's only the last minute that sounds familiar, but there's no mistaking that the two are eerily similar.

For collector's of Budd's music. this release fills an important hole in his discography. A soundtrack was originally released on LP by CBS Records, but it has never had a legitimate CD release. The score has been carefully restored and mastered from the original tapes.


Darren Rea

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