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Common Problem


Artist: The LaFontaines
Label: Wolf at Your Door Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 October 2017

With 2015’s debut album Class charting in the UK Top 100 and Scottish Top 10, reaching number one in the UK Indie Breakers chart, and receiving over three million plays on Spotify, The LaFontaines release their second album, Common Problem, via A Wolf At Your Door Records...

The LaFontaines represent the musical personification of "now". The band employ the latest technology in sound and tackle relevant social issues that will ring true with their audience... but just how well this will age is anyone's guess. However, with their timeless feel (you can't pigeonhole their sound) this could still be fresh and invigorating in 10 years time. Personally, I wouldn't get too bogged down with issues like this and I'd just enjoy the modern feel of this release.

Common Problem really does tackle just that - issues that most of us face on a daily basis. It provides an intense and relatable social commentary. A brutally honest outpouring of angst, a raging reflection on the state of the world today.

'What Do I Know' is probably the one song that will ring true with most, where you'll be agreeing with the band's observations and sentiments.

The LP contains 12 songs (42 min, 46 sec) and is worth checking out if you're looking for a new sound for your music library.


Nick Smithson

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