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Savage Exile


Artist: Azar Swan
Label: aufnahme + wiedergabe
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 December 2017

Azar Swan began life in 2012. Their new album, Savage Exile, is released through aufnahme + wiedergabe...

I think you really have to be a huge fan of Azar Swan to appreciate their new album Savage Exile. The album's 10 tracks (44 min, 01 sec) casts its net far and wide. So even with the broadest of musical tastes, it's highly unlikely that you'll enjoy each track here.

While I did warm to tracks like the hauntingly beautiful 'You Can't Wash Away Murder' I'm afraid I just wasn't a fan. I think the biggest issue I had was that it felt a little wishy-washy; a little unfocussed; and a little disjointed.


Nick Smithson

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