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The Punishment of Luxury
B Sides & Bonus Material


Artist: OMD
Label: White Noise
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 December 2017

Following their 13th studio album, Punishment of Luxury, OMD release a companion LP under the title The Punishment of Luxury: B Sides & Bonus Material...

The Punishment of Luxury: B Sides & Bonus Material contains 10 songs (44 min, 27 sec) with personal highlights including 'Lampe Licht' (which brought to mind Journey's 'Be Good to Yourself'. It also contains three versions of 'The Punishment of Luxury' (Single Mix; 12" Extended Mix; and Manhattan Clique Remix) and three versions of 'What Have We Done' (Single Mix; 12" Extended Mix; and Chicky & Coco Mix).

If you were a fan of The Punishment of Luxury, then you'll get a buzz out of this additional content.

Track listing:

01 - Isotype (Single Mix)
02 - Skin
03 - The Punishment of Luxury (Single Mix)
04 - The Punishment of Luxury (12" Extended Mix)
05 - Lampe Licht
06 - The Punishment of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Remix)
07 - What Have We Done (Single Mix)
08 - What Have We Done (12" Extended Mix)
09 - Hahaha
10 - What Have We Done (Chicky & Coco Mix)


Nick Smithson

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