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Sweet Pea
Personalised T-Shirt
RRP: £12.99
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For some, Valentine's Day is a nightmare. What do you buy your other half? Chocolates, champagne, red roses they're all so cliched (although expected). So once you've spent a month's salary on all of those, I think it's not unfair of you to ask your loved one to also parade around in a cool, sickly sweet T-shirt that lets the world know that they adore you...

The Sweet Pea T-shirt from Genie Gadgets is one of a range of cringeworthy, sickly and dam right embarrassing, puke invoking garments that let you proclaim your love for your partner. This is the modern day equivalent of the "I Wuv You" Bears that carry a giant heart. They come in a great range of styles, sizes and colours - so there's bound to be one or two that you'll instantly fall in love with.

When we were choosing, it was a toss up between the Sweet Pea and Lil Chicken Nugget variant. In the end, we went for Sweet Pea, as it had the cuter illustration. But the entire range include: Chubby Bunny; Huggy Bear; Snuggle Monkey; Snuggle Muffin; Sweet Pea; Cuddle Bug; Wookums; Lil Chicken Nugget; Schmooky Pooh; and Captain Cuddles.

Now, there was some minor confusion in the office about whose name to put on the T-shirt. We ended up asking for it to be printed with the name of the person we were going to give the T-shirt to. When it arrived and the person was wearing it it looked wrong. What you're supposed to do (if you're not idiots, like us) is have the name of the person's partner printed on the T-shirt design. Although, in all honesty it doesn't really matter.

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Available sizes:

Male: S 34/36" / M 38/40" / L 42/44" / XL 46/48"
Female: S 8/10 / M 10/12 / L 12/14 / XL 14/16

Available colours:

Male: Sport Grey, Light Blue, Light Pink, Stone Blue
Female: Sport Grey, Lilac, Light Pink, Mint Green


Darren Rea

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