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Gadget Review

Fidget Fingers


Manufacturer: Funtime Gifts
RRP: £5.95
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Ages: 3+
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Item Number: ET7000
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If you know someone who likes to keep their hands busy then this Fidget Fingers cube would be the ideal gift for them! A perfect token gift for any occasion. The Fidget Fingers cube is the ultimate finger gadget that will give you something to do with your fingers if you are feeling stressed, strained, nervous or simply bored. You can glide, roll, click, rub, spin and flip the different parts of the cube in any order that you want, whenever you want. It is small enough to be put into your pocket or handbag for when you are out and about or why not keep it by the sofa at home to use when you're relaxing...

When this arrived on my desk I thought I wasn't really the person to review it. I'm not a fidgety person and those who are really annoy me - especially pen clickers. I did see these advertised over the Christmas period and I almost purchased some for friends as stocking fillers... and then I thought they seemed a bit silly and rather pointless.

I couldn't really see how they would relieve stress or boredom (who in this digital age can possibly get bored?) In fact I found it a little clumsy and pointless... and then I made a fatal mistake...

To put it through its paces I decided to watch a movie and hold the Fidget Fingers in my hand. I unconsciously started playing with it. Before I knew what was happening, I was hooked. It's surprising how satisfying rolling it around in your hand and messing with each side is. Once I realised I was getting some satisfaction out of it I put it down. But a nagging little voice in my head kept urging me to pick it up.

Fidget Fingers is one of a number of stress relieving executive cube based toys. The Fidget Cube was the original version of this toy I saw (but I'm not sure if it was the first launched), seems to be slightly different. With the Fidget Fingers release the buttons on the face that looks like a "5" on a dice, don't work the same. The Fidget Cube has three of the spots designed to make an audible click when you press them, the other two spots being silent (to allow secret fidgeting that won't annoy anyone) whereas the Fidget Fingers release doesn't have any silent buttons.

Likewise, on the side with the embedded ball bearing, the Fidget Cube allows you to not only roll the ball, but push it in to make a clicking sound. On the Fidget Fingers release you can't press the ball bearing in.

The Fidget Fingers is a couple of £s cheaper than the Fidget Box, but if money is an option you can pick up cheap knock offs (which you know will probably fall apart after five minutes) from dodgy Chinese sellers on online marketplaces. Personally, If I were looking to buy this I would pick up this version from Prezzybox. At least you can be sure that you'll be getting something that doesn't break after five minutes.

Be warned, despite my original impression, this is annoyingly addictive.


Nick Smithson

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