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In Ear Stereo Gaming Headset (Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox 360 / PC / Mac)


Manufacturer: Venom
5 031300 030546
Item Number: VS3054
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A new breed of portable gaming audio, the In-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset is a radically new solution for gaming on the go. Reducing the bulk and weight associated with regular gaming headsets, the In-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset features powerful 13mm speakers and a soft ear-hook design, ideal for sustained gaming sessions. A choice of three sets of ear grommets, provides a snug and secure fit for all ears, while the dedicated in-line remote offers swift access to volume controls...

How serious are you about your online gaming? Over the years I've been an avid player, but in almost all of the lobbies I'm in no one chats (or at least has anything useful to say). It's usually an 8 year old pretending they're a gangster or someone who insists on using their headset to pollute everyone else's ears with their shitty music.

For this reason I've never had the need for a gaming headset, although in the past I've used the crappy sets that come with the various consoles and I've shelled out for an over priced Turtle Beach headset that took me a week to work out how to set up and then there were so many wires everywhere that I felt like an Open Reach telephone engineer.

Then about two years ago I discovered a handful of my old friends had the same issue as me. They wanted to play online with people in a friendly, club-like environment. So we set up a private Facebook group and started playing online on a regular basis. My biggest problem was having a decent headset. I bought a cheap one online that did the trick, but it wasn't really very good.

So, when this set from Venom came in for review I was more than happy to put it through its paces. And I have to say, for a budget model, these are incredible good value for money.

The issue for each user is whether or not they're happy with in ear headphones. Personally that's all I used to wear when I used to commute to work and the uptake of iPods has meant that the majority of people now use them. But these really go right inside your ear and may take a little getting used to. Personally, if you're after the perfect sound with no external interruptions, I found these to be the ideal design.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as PC, PS4 Xbox One and Xbox 360, the In-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset is ideal for online gaming, complete with flexible boom mic which offers crystal-clear speech when communicating with your team mates online.


Darren Rea

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