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Nintendo Switch Starter:Kit


Manufacturer: Snakebyte
4 039621 910982
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So, you have your new Nintendo Switch and are thinking of taking it out of your Sanctum Sanctorum, how to protect it from any Ditko inspired disaster?

Well you could do worse than pick up the STARTER:KIT from Snakebyte (not sure why all their products feel the need to shout).

The kit is comprehensive. The main bulk is taken up with the hard case. Coloured in matt black with the snakebyte logo adjourning, the case will hold your Switch with the joypads attached. The three-quarter length zipper opens the case into a clamshell configuration. In the bottom half, you can store the console held in position with two elasticised bands.

The bands have enough play in them so that you should not catch the sticks. The other half of the case contains a netted section to hold accessories. I have a similar case for the PS Vita and found that you must be very careful not to place anything which may scratch the screen as the netting provides no real protection.

The kit comes with several items to enhance your Switch experience, including in-ear headphones, a cleaning cloth, screen protector, a small hard case to hold cartridges and a couple of coloured controller caps.

The in-ear headphones are good enough for gaming, but put Faithless or Underworld through them and the tininess of the sound shines through, plus they only come with one set of ear buds whose size would indicate that they are mostly designed for adult ears.

The cloth works well for cleaning and the screen protector is easy to apply. I go back to my original issue with the netting storage area when I look at the cartridge holder. You can, indeed, carry your cartridges around but I'm not convinced that I would like to have the rigid plastic rubbing up against the screen. I would probably just pop this in my pocket.

The controller pads were a bit difficult to get on as the pads are a tight fit, not something I would wish to repeat too many times as the joysticks are small and the amount of pressure needed to get them on stresses the components.

It’s a comprehensive set of extras and will make taking your Switch out and about a more secure proposition.


Charles Packer

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