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Bravo SE 10
2-in-1 Mini Laptop


Manufacturer: Venturer
4 895201 200344
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Sleek and lightweight, The Venturer 2-in-1 notebook boasts a battery life of 8 hours and an Intel Atom Core 4 processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB of memory. The Venturer laptop also has all the necessary outputs including headphone, micro and regular USB ports, HDMI output allowing you to easily connect to your TV and an SD card slot for expandable memory. The Bravo SE 10K has a 10.1” 1280 x 800 display and comes with all the key software from Office Mobile you require, including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile and OneNote...

The chance to review this notebook from Venturer couldn't have come at a more apt moment, as in the week previously we'd had to replace two office laptops, so we were already well rehearsed in setting up Windows 10 right out of the box.

The Bravo SE 10 basically allows those on a budget the ability to own both a portable tablet, as well as a lightweight laptop. For the office I can only ever work on a laptop or desktop model, as the various pieces of software we need to write features and reviews just simply wouldn't work on a tablet and the screens of the standard notebooks are a little too small. However, this pretty much goes without saying. Notebooks are not designed for workhorse office machines (although at a push, I'd say they can stand in as a trusty back up).

For me this model would come in useful for when I'm on the movie - using it as a tablet to make notes on or, with the keyboard attached, it would make a handy portable photo editing suite to keep in my camera bag so that I can edit photos while I'm away on holiday. The ability to use an SD card means that I can pretty much also carry around my entire music, book and film collection on a number of memory cards.

It's also handy for the older generation who want to keep in touch with their family via Skype or Facebook, but don't want a laptop cluttering up their house, or aren't completely comfortable with a tablet without the full keyboard functionality.

The box comes complete with a short introductory pamphlet which is designed to help you get to know your model. It's so quick to read, that you really should give it a quick once over to familiarise yourself with how everything works, as well as how to quickly and safely remove the screen from the keyboard.

It's ready to go, right out of the box. The only thing you might be advised to do is to create a new Google account and you're all good to go. When we set it up there was a 4GB update needed to update to the latest version of Windows 10, but this wasn't a huge issue as you can still use the notebook while it downloads.

It's so simple to use that you could easily buy this for your gran so that she can get online, or if your PC gives up the ghost, and you don't use your current model with any serious software programs, it's worth looking into picking one of these up.

If I had one minor complaint, when the screen is connected you can't push it back too far. And while the furthest point should be okay for everyday use but on occasion you may need to push it further and you can't. The fact I found this out by accident, because I wanted to tilt it back to remove the glare from the sun, means that it may be a problem for some.

It's an affordable and sturdy model and one that's well worth considering if you're looking for a new notebook.


Nick Smithson

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