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iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 Case (Real Flowers)


Manufacturer: FLAVR
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There is one thing you can say about the smartphone revolution, you’re never going to be short of ideas for cases.

Flavr is a company which produces cases for all the major smartphone and dropping on my doorstep is a new one for the iPhone 6/6s/7. They started in 2016 and aim to provide stylishly modern covers, taking their inspiration from the catwalk. The cases are made in Germany.

Out of its box the Daisy case, is part of their real flower collection, which consists of five diverse types. They also have many other collections for you to look at on their website

The case feels to be made of strong clear polyurethane, with the real flowers imbedded in the body of the case. The case is flexible so shouldn’t create any problems if you want to change it for another. Given its size, you get about half a dozen daisies per case. This also means that the backplate is good and strong and should add some drop protection.

This is going to be very much a matter of personal taste. I wasn’t particularly drawn to the idea, my wife on the other hand thought the idea delightful. Given that they draw inspiration from fashion catwalks for their range, I very much suspect that I am not the target audience, therefore I will go with my wife’s big smile and her general appreciation for the idea.


Charles Packer

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