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Jamais Vu


Artist: Torgeir Waldemar
Label: Jansen Records
RRP: £13.99
7 041881 389429
Release Date: 09 January 2018

On his new album, Jamais Vu, Torgeir Waldemar pulls apart tracks from his previous two albums and breathes new life into them. Waldemar has been playing different versions of his self-titled 2014 debut album and the sequel, No Offending Borders, live, in his rehearsal space and finally in the studio...

I'm a bit old fashioned, I know, but really when I sit down to listen to music I do think that it's important that the singer can carry a tune. Consumers wouldn't put up with a musician who couldn't play the piano, or whose guitar was out of tune... yet time after time albums are released where the lead singer can barely carry a tune.

Torgeir Waldemar's new album, Jamais Vu is a case in point. I was divided here, because the music is interesting but his singing is very distracting.

Despite the PR blurb on the press release, this is more an EP than an album, containing just 5 songs (28 min, 46 sec) - that's shrinkflation for you, although I had no idea it was moving from food into the entertainment industry.

I'm going to be a bit of a stick in the mud here and ask a question that no doubt his fans will also be wondering... Given that these are not really new songs, merely reworked versions of his old material, why on earth wasn't more material included? Personally, I thought it a bit of a swizz, but if you love his work then you'll no doubt soak this one up.


Nick Smithson

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