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Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay


Artist: Psychic Lemon
Label: Psychic Lemon
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 12 January 2018

Nothing in life stays the same. Everything is constantly shifting and evolving... But for some reason mankind dislikes, even fears, change. We like what we're comfortable with and only the brave, and those destined for greatness, embrace change, seeing it as an evolution of something we already love.

Psychic Lemon's latest LP, Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay, is not for the uptight or stuck in the mud members of the band's fan base. This is an album for those that want the band to grow up with them. If you were thrilled to be introduced to psychedelic, '70s rock ('Horizon) and jazz by the band's self-titled 2016 album Psychic Lemon, then you're in for another journey of discovery with their latest offering.

It probably helps that the band members have a diverse range of tastes which spill out through the music. This time around the inspiration that permeates the 5 tracks (41 min, 34 sec) include space rock, psych and krautrock.

It's a learning experience, a musical journey of discovery (albeit with a rock slant) but if you let Psychic Lemon be your guide you'll have a rewarding experience.


Nick Smithson

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