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Fairytales of the Supersurvivor


Artist: Marsmobil
Label: Compost Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 26 January 2018

Art pop meets Mongolian throat singing, Blade Runner meets Walter Carlos (Clockwork Orange), Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan (Bowie’s favourite band) meet Tame Impala. The fifth album from Marsmobil, Fairytales Of The Supersurvivor sees the Marsmobil return to their roots with a release that blends off-the-wall cinemascope sounds with dazzling beats and punchy, powerful hooks to create uniquely distinctive art pop anthems...

Once again Roberto Di Gioia writes, plays, sings and programs everything on the new Marsmobil album, Fairytales of the Supersurvivor. Guest singer on four of the album's tracks is Amber Lin.

If you're new to Di Gioia's world then you're in for a treat or an unpleasant journey, depending on your viewpoint. Personally, I really loved what he delivered here. There's a diversity, and very strong sense of humour, poured into these 12 tracks (39 min, 16 sec). I was ever so slightly reminded of both Tin Planet as well as Radio Head's OK Computer.

It's a fun release that should have you grinning from ear to ear.


Nick Smithson

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