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Music in the Listening Place


Composers: Various
Conductor: Tucker Biddlecombe
Performed by: Vanderbilt University Chorale
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 February 2018

Music In The Listening Place is a collection of choral works performed by the Vanderbilt University Chorale and conducted by Tucker Biddlecombe.

Of particular note is 'Three Songs of Faith', a collection of settings of e.e. cummings texts by Eric Whitacre. In a similar vein are the 'Trois Chansons' of Maurice Ravel. Another highlight is David Dickau’s 'If Music Be the Food of Love'. Also included on the album are several text settings by composer Jonathan Dove; an arrangement of the traditional Indodana, as well as settings by Alf Houkum, Daniel Read, and James Mulholland.

If I had to chose just one piece from this 21 track (1 hr, 04 min, 44 sec) collection to recommend the album to others I would have to single out Eliza Gilkyson’s 'Requiem', a sweet and nostalgic, hymn for the departed which draws innocence from the youthful voices of the Chorale.

This track, more than any other, really pulls you in. So, even if you're not necessarily a fan of choral work, this will help ease you into the possibility of at least giving the other tracks a listen. And you'll find it a pleasant surprise. In fact, I really would recommend this album as a taster of the highs and lows Choral music can evoke in the listener.

It's also an incredibly well structured release as each track shifts the mood, and ends leaving you feeling emotionally drained and wanting more with the exquisite 'If Music Be the Food of Love'.

Track listing:

01 - Windham
02 - Three Songs of Faith - I. i will wade out
03 - Three Songs of Faith - II. hope, faith, life, love
04 - Three Songs of Faith - III. i thank you god for most this amazing day
05 - Three Settings of Ezra Pound - I. Alba
06 - Three Settings of Ezra Pound - II. And the Days Are Not Full Enough
07 - Three Settings of Ezra Pound - III. A Girl
08 - Trois Chansons - I. Nicolette
09 - Trois Chansons - II. Trois Beaux Oiseaux Du Paradis
10 - Trois Chansons - III. Ronde
11 - The Rune of Hospitality
12 - Requiem
13 - The Passing of the Year - I. Invocation
14 - The Passing of the Year - II. The Narrow Bud Opens Her Beauties to the Sun
15 - The Passing of the Year - III. Answer July
16 - The Passing of the Year - IV. How Sun, Cool Fire
17 - The Passing of the Year - V. Ah, Sun-Flower! 1
18 - The Passing of the Year - VI. Adieu! Farewell Earth's Bliss!
19 - The Passing of the Year - VII. Ring Out, Wild Bells
20 - Indodana
21 - If Music Be the Food of Love


Darren Rea

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