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Great Big Blue


Artist: Geowulf
Label: 37 Adventures
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 February 2018

Geowulf release their new album, Great Big Blue, through 37 Adventures. Within its 11 tracks (42 min, 51 sec), Great Big Blue is a modern and catchy synth-pop LP that's hard not to fall in love with.

Geowulf are a band of two halves. They are comprised of Star Kendrick (vocals) and Toma Banjanin (guitar/vocals) - two childhood friends from Australia's Sunshine Coast.

While the majority of the album is bursting with modern synth-pop energy, we're also offered the '60s-tinged shuffle of 'Hideaway', which was originally a pristine pop song that wasn't really working until they took it apart and put it back together.

It's light and fluffy, the perfect album to blast out this summer, but scratch beneath the surface and there's some pretty tight writing here.


Nick Smithson

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