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Soundtrack Review

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21 Jump Street
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Peter Bernstein
Label: Varèse Sarabande
RRP: £13.99
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Release Date: 23 February 2018

Varèse Sarabande continues its "We Here You" series of CD reissues with the release of Peter Bernstein's score for the '80s police procedural show 21 Jump Street. Officer Tom Hanson leads his band of agents in the special Jump Street division by going undercover to infiltrate local schools to put a stop to crime and keep students safe from corrupt influences. The 21 Jump Street team is a mixed group including the wise cracking Officer HT Ioki, the brilliant Officer Judy Hoffs, the streetwise Officer Doug Penhall and, in latter episodes, the renegade Officer Dennis Booker...

Peter Bernstein's music for 21 Jump Street is certainly a product of its time. You can easily date this as a late '80s TV series, but that doesn't detract from how rich the music is. While its presentation may date it, you can't get away from the fact there are some lush themes here, 'Nemesis' and 'One More Chance' being just a couple of the best examples.

The album comes as a double CD set containing 50 tracks (1 hr, 31 min, 47 sec) and while not an essential purchase, fans of the show will relish the opportunity to own this classic TV score.


Darren Rea