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Ice Glitter Gold


Artist: Dana Buoy
Label: Everloving
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 23 February 2018

A polished and atmospheric examination of missed connections and altered states, where the thrum of 21st century psychedelia meets European dance floor chic, Dana Buoy’s Ice Glitter Gold, is released through Everloving. Helmed by songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dana Janssen (Akron/Family) with long-time collaborator Justin Miller, Dana Buoy deliver a sweaty, late-night pop record with analogue 4 on the floor heartbeats throbbing at the centre...

There's something that's instantly likeable about this album... and I can't quite put my finger on it. By rights it shouldn't really stand out, as their sound is not unlike any one of a hundred indie rock bands, but there's a personality and a very catchy quality to the songs here.

Of this album's 8 tracks (33 min, 25 sec) personal highlights include 'Whatever', 'Colours Out', 'Bloom' and (easily this album's finest single) 'Too Early'.

Ice Glitter Gold is an enjoyable adventure that will act as the perfect soundtrack to your summer adventures. Make sure you have this handy in the car.


Nick Smithson

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