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The Cage


Artist: Bob Holroyd
Label: HML
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 March 2018

Ranging from ambient minimalism to world music, modern classical to jazz, Bob Holroyd’s music is often hard to pigeon hole. With eight studio albums and six remix albums to his name, Holroyd’s eclectic and texturally cinematic work has been recognised and remixed extensively by a huge range of artists such as Coldcut, Nitin Sawhney, Four Tet, Francois K, Mogwai, The Album Leaf, T. Williams, Lemonde, Loop Guru, Steve Roach and more, and has been used prominently in mainstream TV and films such as The Dark Knight, Lost, True Blood, The Sopranos, Panorama, Coast and many more. Now Bob is set to release his ninth album The Cage...

With eight previous album's under his belt it's pretty safe to state that Bob Holroyd not only knows what he's doing, but has a big enough fanbase to ensure he can keep banging out LPs.

The Cage is a wonderful mixture of Classical, Jazz and modern Ambient music. In truth it does sound like the soundtrack to a modern TV series. It's atmospheric in places, reflectively beautiful in others, but overall it represents a interesting mix of music styles and influences.

Those that have been following Holroyd's output over the years won't be disappointed by this new offering.


Nick Smithson

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