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The Size of the Night


Artist: Peter Kernel
Label: On the Camper Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 09 March 2018

Peter Kernel is a Swiss Canadian Post Punk band formed in 2006 by graphic designer Aris Bassetti (Swiss) and filmmaker Barbara Lehnhoff (Canadian). The two met in visual communications school in Switzerland and quickly launched the band and their own label On The Camper Records. Now the duo release their third album The Size Of The Night...

I wasn't a huge fan of this release. Personally, with the odd exception, I find Punk outfits to be out of date. Punk, to my mind, has always been about the underdog rising up to stick it to the man; for the voiceless to stand up and make themselves heard. It's NOT about copying the sound of one of the genre's greatest acts and labelling yourself Punk purely on the basis of that fact alone. Peter Kernel has an air of Pixies about them. Both the vocals and music occasionally stray into this territory.

The accent on occasion also rubbed me up the wrong way. I'm not sure why, but it just meant that I spent most of my time cringing at the vocals rather than concentrating on the lyrics or music.

I was hoping that I'd grow to like this album over time, but despite listening to it for several weeks, I'm still no closer to enjoying it.


Nick Smithson

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