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Artist: Varvara
Label: Haminian
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 March 2018

Varvara from Finland were originally formed in 2011. Their beginnings were humble, but the band quickly became more than a friendly pastime as demo releases became picked up on by various sections of the Finnish music media. Their latest album is entitled Go...

Varvara is comprised of Mikko Kiri (vocals/guitar), Toni Raukola (guitar/backing vocals), Tommi Muhli (guitar), Simo Kuhlman (bass/backing vocals) and Lauri Tattari (drums). The outfit delivers mainly rock songs that are reminiscent of the '80s/'90s American rock scene.

The LP contains 11 songs (41 min, 36 sec). I have to admit that I wasn't overly struck with the album when I started listening to it. The opener 'Gone' doesn't get off on the right note. The vocals are off key and cause too much of a distraction. The second track, 'Fly Fly', has slightly less focus on the vocals, but they were only marginally less distracting. It felt like the singer was just out of tune enough with the band that he could have been singing a different song.

The further through the album you go, the more the vocals and instruments merge. In fact it was the final two tracks that made me realise what true potential the band had. 'Closing Time' has a feeling of Boston and Journey about it, while the closing 'Halfway' really does leave you wanting more.

It's a mixed bag. Half the album is lacklustre whilst the other half is engaging and packed full of energy.


Nick Smithson

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