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Where's the Magic


Artist: Band of Gold
Label: Jansen
RRP: £13.99
7 041881 388019
Release Date: 23 March 2018

Band of Gold are a Norwegian duo comprised of songwriter Nina Mortvedt and musician and producer Nikolai Eilertsen. Their music, they describe as "skeletal funk, country soul and chamber pop". Their influences are far ranging and not only do they flit from genre to genre, but also from decade to decade. There are sounds of the '70s, '80s... right up to the present day infused into these 8 songs (33 min, 27 sec)...

One aspect of Band of Gold's new album, Where's the Magic, which I found particularly intriguing, and is something I don't very often comment on, is the rather bizarre cover photography. It's weird anyway, on first inspection, but who is the rather strange animated obscured character reflected in the mirror; a reflection that is impossible as they should be visible in the room.

Personal highlight include the hypnotic 'I Could Spot You In A Hundred Miles' and 'Well Who Am I' which has a '70s pop ending.

Overall, this is an engaging upbeat LP. Another enjoyable album from the duo.


Nick Smithson

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