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This is Not Hollywood


Artist: Greg Kozo
Label: Roy Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 30 March 2018

On his new album, Parisian DJ, producer and electronic artist Greg Kozo reveals the colour scheme for his debut solo composition. This Is Not Hollywood, is an authentic album full of emotions, channelling his mixed musical background, Kozo shares his music sensitivity, through a hybrid of house, vapourwave and techno influences, but the album is also full of subtle soul, jazz (the producer also studied jazz for four years the Royal Music Academy) and post-pop undertones...

Modern Dance is very much alive and evolving at a breakneck pace in a bid to stay current. Greg Kozo manages to stay ahead of the curve with his latest album This is Not Hollywood, a delicious Dance album that looks to the past to provide a familiar, yet fresh look at the future.

Joining him on his musical journey are a number of guest artists. American singer Bitter's Kiss’ influence gently lightens 'One Day', whereas Sola Plexus, German rapper, gives 'Vibrate' an added intensity and raw edge. Choreographer/dancer and Jamaican singer, Zack Reece, adds a beguiling haze on the hook-driven track 'Laqueus'.

A number of young and talented French singers also guest on his album, including: Cozy on 'Terry', Capucine du Pouget on 'Waves Over L.A', Echo on 'Can't Believe', Ludmila Casar from the band Reflex on 'Toujours Si Loin', as well as Gatha on 'Our True Lies' and 'Holiday Romance'.

This is a Dance album that will appeal to old skool clubbers who have matured with the genre as well as a new generation of hardcore partiers.


Nick Smithson

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