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Original Motion Picture Score


Composer: Panu Aaltio
Label: MovieScore Media / Quartet
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 April 2018

MovieScore Media release Finnish composer Panu Aaltio's score for 95, a movie that tells the story of the 1995 Ice Hockey World Championship. Hosted in neighbouring Sweden, the Finnish national team had to go the extra mile in order to win its first ever championship, beating the Swedish team 4 to 1. The movie tells the ups and downs of the historical weekend of May 1995 - a date that no Finnish hockey fan can ever forget...

Panu Aaltio's score for 95 builds from strong foundations. The opening 'The End of a National Nightmare' houses the score's main theme, which is woven throughout. At times this plays out like a soundtrack of epic themes, which will bring to mind the current fad in superhero movies.

The album contains 12 tracks (32 min, 09 sec) and while it's not as multi-layered or as interesting as some of Aaltio's previous scores (Dawn of the Dragonslayer; The Home of Dark Butterflies; The Island of Secrets; Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest); Super Furball; Tale of a Lake) it's still an interesting listen.


Darren Rea

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