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Artist: Naked Giants
Label: New West Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 April 2018

Formed in 2015, the Seattle trio known as Naked Giants release their debut LP, Sluff. Naked Giants are guitarist/vocalist Grant Mullen, bassist/vocalist Gianni Aiello  and drummer Henry LaVallee. The clash of the cerebral and the intelligent – the desire to say something meaningful but also just have some fun – is what underpins the very essence of who Naked Giants is. It’s a band of contradictions. Their music, which is simultaneously timeless and modern, new and old, is loud and brash and raw, but there’s vulnerability there, too...

Part of what will draw you into Naked Giants's sound is the fact that from song to song they seem to reinvent themselves. This is a diverse album that is a mix of Indie Rock and Punk. Sluff contains 12 very different songs (47 min, 25 sec).

However, while this is the album's strength, it's also its main weakness. It's doubtful that you'll enjoy each and every track here. For me, the one disappointment was the closer 'Shredded Again'. While, over the space of several weeks I shifted opinion on which songs were the strongest, I never managed to get on with 'Shredded Again'.

But that's fine, you can ignore the odd song if you don't enjoy it and focus on those that grab you. Overall, this was a fun, upbeat collection of Rock tracks that didn't, for the most part, disappoint.


Nick Smithson

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