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Non Sono Celentano


Artist: Gino Santercole
Label: Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 16 April 2018

Gino Santercole is the nephew of movie director Adriano Celentano. There was only three years difference in age between them and the two grew up together. Santercole went on to compose the soundtracks for some of Celentano's films, including Yuppi du and the songs that led Celentano to success when we was as singer, were written by Santercole. This album of unpublished works contains music composed by Santercole and lyrics written by Alberto Zeppieri...

Now, to many in the UK, Gino Santercole's name will not be familiar, and on a first listen through this album, you'll probably be left scratching your head as to how he's managed to have a career in music. His vocal performance is worse than your granddad when he's had a few too many... Even his most hardened fan will cringe when listening to the album closer 'Straordinariamente' - great band performance, but Santercole seems to be singing in a totally different key.

He's more famous in Italy for his guitar skills in Rock Boys which evolved into The Rebels. In later years he was known more for his acting career and composing for movies.

He's not a natural singer, his strength lies in composition and musician ship, but this album is a way for him to strive out on his own - to deliver to his fans a raw version of himself. His most honest and personal album to date. There's a charm here that's hard not to get caught up in, but it's just a shame the singing isn't a little more... well... in tune.

Personal highlights on this 15 track (1hr, 03 min, 10 sec) LP include 'Come Mai', 'Amo stare al sud' and 'Nessuno E solo mai'.

If you're not a fan, there's not much here to convert you - yes the music is enjoyable, but you really need to know who the man is before you can accept his singing. Fans, however, will no doubt relish the chance to hear this. Sadly, Santercole passed away in June 2018, just under two months after this album's release.


Nick Smithson

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