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The Great Untold


Artist: Scott Matthews
Label: Shedio Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 27 April 2018

Scott Matthews releases his new album, The Great Untold, which marks his entrance to fatherhood and a decision to produce the record himself, playing almost every instrument in a stripped back sound that pays dues to key influences such as Bert Jansch, Paul Simon and Tim Buckley...

The Great Untold is pretty much a flawless album. It's got plenty of variety and memorable tunes over the 10 songs (43 min 56 sec). Scott Matthew's vocals also change from song to song. At times I was reminded of Rufus Wainwright ('The Great Untold').

This is a wonderfully laid back collection of songs which, even from the first listen, will wash over you leaving you with a warm glow.

Personal highlights include 'Something Real' and 'Daydreamer', although you'll find different songs will be to your liking at different times and in the end you'll realise that each song has its strength.


Nick Smithson

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