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Flower Moon Records
Friends and Family
Volume 1


Artists: Various
Label: Flower Moon Records
Release Date: 11 May 2018

Flower Moon Records (FMR) was founded by Maria Taylor and her husband Ryan Dwyer Friends and Family Volume 1 is a collection of songs from the label's family and friends. "These are all musicians I greatly respect and have been fans of for years – but what makes the compilation unique is that they are also part of a collaborative community of friends and family members who have been working together and supporting one another for years", said Taylor. "I wanted this compilation, and Flower Moon Records, to be a vehicle to continue to support, promote, and celebrate their work."

Friends and Family: Volume 1 contains 16 songs (58 min, 09) which represent a diverse spread of genres. This will either be its strong or weak point. depending on your point of view.

The album opens with one of the highlights for me, Louis Schefano's 'The Future is Now'. Other notable tracks include Ghosts's upbeat pop song 'Cant Commit'; Umm's grungy 'Out'; and Taylor Hollingsworth's rock anthem 'Can't Get the Feeling'; and Brad Armstrong stripped back acoustic Dylan-esqe 'Deer Ticks'

The low point has to be Dead Fingers's 'Whistling Song'. While it's supposed to be comical and upbeat, it just ends up as an annoying track that actually sounds like a song from a preschool album.

It might represent a strange collection of styles and genres, but there's plenty to enjoy here.

Track listing:

01 - The Future Is Now by Louis Schefano
02 - Never Felt Young by Whispertown
03 - Whistling Song by Dead Fingers
04 - The Listeners by Dr. Samurai and the Firekeepers
05 - Can't Commit by ¡ghosts!
06 - Socialize With Me by Nik Freitas
07 - Night Moves by High Up
08 - I Love You, Hi by Orenda Fink
09 - Real Life (Trump Era) [Explicit] by Maria Taylor
10 - Out by UMM
11 - Tattoo by Jake Bellows
12 - Can't Get the Feeling by Taylor Hollingsworth
13 - Pale Explosions [Explicit] by Viva Violet
14 - Holograms (Hang in There) [feat. Maria Taylor & Louis Schefano] by Ryan Dwyer
15 - Deer Ticks by Brad Armstrong
16 - Gaslight by Mike Bloom


Nick Smithson

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