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Quorn is Murder


Artist: Monkish
Label: Frugal Records (UK) / Black Hole Records (USA)
RRP: £6.00
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Release Date: 16 May 2018

Monkish release their second album, Quorn is Murder, a Cabaret Punk infused album with solid musical prowess and laugh out loud tongue in cheek lyrics.

We've reviewed a fair few punk albums of late and it's great to finally find a band that don't take themselves seriously. In fact, they rip the piss out of themselves and the genre. The results speak for themselves.

While the all-encompassing humour is what you first notice about Quorn is Murder, it would fall flat without a solid music base. And just a brief listen to the guitar work on tracks like 'Diabetic Lover' and 'Half a Ruddles' and you instantly know they might be pissing about when it comes to their lyrics, but they are deadly serious when it comes to the music. And this combination works incredibly well.

I've listened to this almost non-stop over a three day period and it just gets better the more I play it. On the first listen I was grabbed by the lyrics. But on subsequent listens I started to concentrate more on the music and it's strange how it's a whole different beast if you take the words away. Even the production is polished, with a good, solid mix that gives the listener a spot on balance of all the instruments.

If you don't laugh at 'Toilet Nazi' then you're already dead. Pick it up now before some humourless do-gooder group tries to get it banned because 'Hobosexual' is offensive to the homeless and gays.

I'm off to iTunes to track down their first album You Can't Polish a Turd.


Nick Smithson